CREACE is the #1 solution for employee generated video

The video solution for your HR

Create video content for the entire talent experience - from the job description to interviewing and onboarding. Video makes the entire process authentic, engaging, and transparent. In addition, use the potential to transform employees into corporate influencers - as employee testimonials or video reporters at company events.

The video solution for your Digital Learning

Create training content directly at the machine and make it available to colleagues around the world in just a few minutes. With multilingual captions, overlays of additional images (e.g. screencasts or technical drawings) and easy access via learning systems such as Masterplan. Our video formats are suitable for use in many different locations in e-learning: whether on a production site or distributed remotely.

The video solution for your Marketing & Sales

Replace the usual booklets or PDFs sent by e-mail with a customized sales video that can quickly unlock doors and put the emphasis on your key USPs. As a personal intro for the next sales meeting, as an announcement of new product releases or an invitation to test drive a new vehicle model. High-quality branding always ensures the perfect impression with the potential customer.

With CREACE, anyone can create videos quickly and easily:


Our mobile video apps guide users through the recording process in simple steps.


Our cloud service automatically produces the video - with your company's branding, without manual editing.


Videos can be shared directly on social media or on corporate channels.

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With CREACE you put your brand in the center of attention

  • CREACE lets you create video content for your brand
  • With CREACE, your fans become creators
  • CREACE turns employees into influencers
  • CREACE helps you enhance your recruiting processes
  • CREACE empowers your employee experience
  • With CREACE you always keep the knowledge of your teams up to date
  • With CREACE you will master your video transformation

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