For the cinematic release of NERVE in Germany and Austria we published a selection of fun-challenges. The results: +5.000 branded user videos were created – of which an astonishing 30%

Jochen Schweizer

As part of a promotional campaign, fans and customers of the leading experience platform “” were asked to document and share their latest hiking trip – and win an even


Members of europe’s largest petrolhead community (part of present themselves and their cars to the community, including helpful advice for others interested in owning a similar model.  


Teenage fans of the daily YouTube-show „Good morning internet” interact with their beloved stars in this interview-style video template.  

Discovery Networks

To create a stir for the upcoming season of the popular mystery-show, fans of the format were invited to share their spookiest experiences. 


Together with the world’s largest Android community AndroidPit, we invited a selected group of users to test the new Huawei Flagship phone. Via our pre-installed video-app CREACE, these users could